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Clint Herrin's Specialty Drinks

Spicy Bacon Bloody Mary

The Kamikaze   "Clint Style"

The Smokin Hawg Club is Open

We love this bar! Long Awaited, But Never Duplicated, the Smokin Hawg Club is the perfect place for friends to hang out, laugh, shoot pool, play darts and get in some serious trouble with the Giant Jenga.  No Smoking and No Politics (Except for Clint) allowed so you are free to relax and enjoy a night out.  Our full menu is available till 9pm. The late night menu starts at 9 and goes till closing. Try our specialty drinks, the Boss Hawg is spicy ginger beer with Devil's Cut. The Daisy May is a Frangelico Martini rimmed with Chocolate syrup and topped with Whipped Cream and a stick of Hershey's Chocolate, that Daisy May is a sweetie! Check out the video on the Spicy Bacon Bloody Mary.  Whew Doggies.

Make the Hawg Club your Club, tonight.


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